Landscaping Design Ideas To Give Your Home Color For The Winter Holiday Season

1 December 2020
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The landscaping around your home may get dull during the winter months. Therefore, you may want a design that ensures your landscaping remains colorful throughout the winter holidays. There are some plants and decorations that can help you to achieve this. The following landscaping design ideas will give your home the color you want during the winter holiday season:

Evergreens to Give Your Landscaping Color All Year

The best options for color all year and for colorful winter landscaping are evergreens. These are plants that have leaves and colors all year. When choosing evergreens for your landscaping, some options to add a variety of color every winter include:

  • Holly
  • Cypress trees
  • Laurel (Various species)
  • Yew

Evergreen plants will give your gardens a variety of shades of green for the holidays. Plants like holly shrubs will also give your landscaping reds and other bright colors to provide contrast.

Winter Plant Life for Color In Holiday Landscaping

There are other plants that can also be used to give your landscaping colors. These can be options like grasses and winter flowers. Some options to give your gardens more color during the winter months include:

  • Pansies and other winter flowers
  • Cabbages of various colors
  • Decorative grasses

The right variety of flowering and winter plants for your garden will help add to your landscaping holiday colors. There are also options for evergreen shrubs that grow fast and can be shaped with winter designs during the holidays.

Hardscaping That Gives Landscaping Color

The hardscaping around your home can also provide colors during the winter months. These can be features like paths with decorative stonework for pavers or retaining walls that have colors and details. Vertical features like retaining walls can be covered with trestles. This will allow plants like grapevines to grow in summer. When the plants are dormant and the leaves fall, decorative features and different colors will be exposed.

Decorations and Lighting to Brighten Your Landscaping

There are also decorations that a landscaping service can help you with during the holidays. They can set up lighting, add festive decorations, and trim shrubs into winter shapes or designs. This will help make your landscaping more attractive and colorful during the cold winter months.

These landscaping design ideas will give your home color for the holidays. Call a landscaping design service for help with designing your winter landscape to keep your home bright and beautiful during the winter holidays.