Exterior Waterproofing Solutions When You Are Planning On Finishing Your Basement

9 October 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you are planning on finishing your basement, there is work to do before you can get started. The basement needs to be waterproofed before it can be finished. The waterproofing for your home can include different aspects, such as the sealant, insulated barrier, and drainage systems. Some waterproofing systems can also include pumps and mechanical solutions. The following are exterior waterproofing things that you will want to have done before finishing your basement.

Start your project with good drainage systems — Before you start the waterproofing, there are improvements that need to be done to drainage systems. These improvements can be in the landscaping around your home, or they can be part of the foundation drainage and waterproofing systems. Some of the drainage solutions that may need to be done with waterproofing include:

  • Landscaping watershed improvements
  • Drainage lines for driveways and hardscaping
  • French drains for the foundation drainage system

These are some of the drainage systems that may need to be added when you have the foundation waterproofing installed.

Designing the waterproofing for foundation walls — Once you have solved problems with the drainage systems, you will be ready to begin designing waterproofing systems. The modern waterproofing systems that are needed for your home have several components, which include:

  • The primary layer of asphalt-like sealant
  • Insulated board to reduce static pressure
  • The final layer of waterproofing membrane or geotextile materials

These are the different components of a modern waterproofing system that keeps the moisture out of your basement. The modern waterproofing system will protect your basement from moisture problems, as well as structural damage.

Sealing hardscaping surfaces around the foundation — The hardscaping around your home could also need to have sealants applied to protect them. These areas can be patios and other hardscaping that is near the foundation of your home. For example, you may want to seal a patio, garden path, or retaining wall that is near the foundation.

Improvements to keep water away from the foundation — The water runoff from the roof, landscaping, and hardscaping needs to flow away from your foundation. This can be done by sloping surfaces outward and adding drainage systems to outdoor areas. In addition, many of these surfaces can also be sealed by the exterior waterproofing contractor to keep moisture out of your newly finished basement.

Waterproofing is important if you are planning on investing in a basement finishing project. Call an exterior waterproofing service and ask them about these solutions to protect your newly finished basement.