A Residential Concrete Cleaning Service Can Make Your Outdoor Concrete Surfaces Clean Again

18 August 2020
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Concrete is a versatile and affordable building material that has many uses around your home. Concrete slabs that are exposed to the elements, vehicles, grills, dirt, and other outdoor elements develop stains and even algae or mold over time. Your concrete patio or entry can look worn and turn into an eyesore that affects your home's curb appeal. The solution is to hire residential concrete cleaning services to restore the appearance of the concrete surfaces around your house. Here's an overview of how it might be done.

Pressure Washing Can Remove Dirt And Stains

Pressure washing alone can make a big difference in the way old, stained concrete looks. Pressure washing can be done with hot water to make it even more effective at breaking up dirt and stains. The cleaning service might use a wand with a wide spray to clean the concrete, but they might use a bonnet that looks like a floor scrubber. Pressure washing concrete might sound easy, but it requires skill and the right equipment or the end result will have streaks.

Cleaning Chemicals Help The Process

Your contractor might also use chemicals to break up stains. These can be sprayed on and allowed to work and then rinsed off. A concrete cleaning service knows the right solutions to use for each type of stain encountered. Plus, they know how to use the chemicals so your plants and pets aren't harmed. You might be surprised to see how the combination of the right cleaning products and a pressure washer can transform the look of concrete with thick algae stains or ground-in dirt. Concrete often looks new again after it's been professionally cleaned.

Pressure Washing Can Remove Weeds Too

Pressure washing is ideal for cleaning concrete, and it is also a good option for getting rid of weeds in cracks and joints. If you're annoyed with weeds that have overtaken concrete pavers, you can have them removed easily without having to use toxic herbicides. Pressure washing cleans your patio and removes weeds at the same time so your patio looks like it did when you first put it in.

If you're looking for ways to make your property more attractive and to boost its curb appeal, then cleaning the concrete that surrounds your home is a good place to start. You can have your driveway pressure washed as well as sidewalks, the entry, porch, patio, and pool deck. Your property will look clean and well-maintained, especially if your yard has a lot of shade and the concrete has dark stains from mold or algae.