A Look At The Different Types Of Plat Surveys

26 December 2019
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In the most general terms, a plat is like a map of a given area that shows all of the pertinent features about that property, such as property boundaries, landmarks, and rights of way. Of course, plats come along with surveys, and there are different types of plats that may have to be drawn up. 

Plat of Subdivision Survey 

Large tracts of land that get broken down into multiple plats may need a plat of subdivision survey. This type of survey examines the exact measurements of the new tracts, and then the information is sent to the local governing agencies for approval of the property boundary changes. 

Plat of Consolidation Survey 

It is not at all uncommon for property owners to buy one plot of land at one time and then, later on, decide to purchase conjoining tracts of land as they become available. For instance, if you buy a five-acre farm and, later, two of your neighbors sell tracts of land that join your property boundaries, you may need a consolidation plat. The purpose of this plat is to show all of the separate tracts of land as one piece instead of divided tracts, which can make things confusing if the land transfers ownership in the future. 

Short Plats 

If a larger plat has to be broken up into only a few smaller plats, then a short plat is used to describe that type of survey. For example, say you have a two-acre plot of land and it gets divided into four equal sections so you can sell the properties as different tracts. Not every state actually recognizes short plats; however, most surveyors do know how to do a short plat if it is preferred by a property owner for their own personal reference. 

Plat of Correction Survey 

A plat of correction is only performed if an original survey contained errors in property boundary designations or if there were other existing issues. For example, if you purchase a tract of land that shows the boundary lines on your existing survey as something other than what they actually should be, a correction plat survey may have to be done in order to correct the registered information. Likewise, if a tract of land has a landmark on it that is improperly reflected on the existing survey, you may need a correction plat. Correction plats are also sometimes referred to as amendment plats. 

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