In Praise Of Pastels: Fun Ways To Use Pastel Paint In Any Room Of Your Home

20 November 2019
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If you're looking for an easy way to change the appearance of your home, look no further than soft yellow, baby blue, minty green, and peachy pink pastels. Pastels are fun and airy. They also play well together and make it possible to mix and match colors to your hearts delight.

Pastels in the bathroom

Pastels can dress up even the dreariest powder room and will breath new life into the most used room in the home. Paint the walls a peachy pink for an instant spring and summer look in the bathroom. Paint bathroom cabinets or shelves a sweet hue of minty green to add an instant and refreshing pop of color to the room.

Pastels in the kitchen

Let mint work magic on your kitchen walls to create a fresh new look that's as soothing as a summer breeze. Paint kitchen cabinets baby blue to create an unexpected but pleasing pop of color in the room. Use pastel yellow for window and door trim to complete the summery look.

Pastels in living room

If your neutral living room is putting you to sleep, it's time to break tradition and liven your walls up with pastels. Paint one wall baby blue and the rest of the walls yellow. Top off the room by painting the ceiling a minty green for a refreshing finish.

Pastels in the home office

If you want a home office that makes work tasks less boring, liven up interior walls with a soft and sunny yellow paint. Choose a dusky blue for the ceiling to make your office mirror a sunny day with blue skies. Add just the right amount of color contrast by painting trim and molding a sweet mint hue.

Pastels in the bedroom

With pastels in the bedroom, you can't help but feel romantic. Set the mood by painting walls a peachy pink if lace and romance is your style. Choose baby blue if you dream of coastal living and all things beachy and use mint if you dream of being outdoors surrounded by nature.

What could be more fun than adding exciting new colors to your interior walls? There's no limit to the ways you can mix and match pastels throughout your living space to brighten up your home. When you see the refreshing results, you will be singing the praises of pastels and will be glad you invited them into your home's interior.

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