Tips For Hosting A Party In A Garage

11 October 2019
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Surprising a loved one on his or her birthday can be done in the most simple or extravagant way as desired. However, doing something that is extravagant can make the surprise feel more special, as it takes more time to plan and will likely be more unique. If you want to plan a big birthday celebration but don't have the right budget for it, there might still be a way to make it happen in an affordable way. One of the ways that you can save money is by hosting the celebration at your house rather than renting out a venue. In this article, you will find helpful pointers that are focused on hosting a surprise birthday celebration in a garage.

Purchase a Retractable Garage Screen

Rather than leaving the garage door closed, keep in open so guests can have direct access when it comes to entering and leaving. If you don't want pests like mosquitos, bees, and moths entering the garage, purchase a retractable screen to install. The screen will not only come in handy during the birthday celebration for your loved one, but also if you need to use the garage in the future. There are various types of retractable screens that can be purchased for a garage, such as the type that allows more air to flow through than others, and custom designs that can meet specific needs. You have the choice of installing the screen on your own, or hiring a professional for installation.

Contact a Chair & Table Rental Company

If you intend on inviting a large amount of people to the birthday party, a sufficient amount of seating will be needed to accommodate them all. You do not have to purchase tables and chairs that you will not likely need after the celebration has ended. Obtaining the tables and chairs on a rental basis is more ideal for serving your needs. You should be able to rent the items for a few hours rather than days, but it depends on the rules of the company they are obtained from.

Rent or Buy an Industrial Grade Fan

Being that a garage isn't an area of a house that is usually used for hanging out in, it is likely that your air conditioning system isn't designed to cool it off. You must keep in mind that a garage can get hot, especially if you are in a season that has high temperatures. If you want to make your guests feel comfortable at the birthday celebration, be sure to rent an industrial grade fan, unless you would rather buy one.