3 Important Actions To Take When Renting A Dumpster For An Extensive Trash Removal Project

23 July 2019
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If you're clearing out an old property, there may be a lot of junk that needs to be thrown away. For this trash removal job, you may need a custom rental dumpster. This rental process will be easy to manage if you take these steps. 

Think About Optimal Size

One of the more important aspects to consider with this dumpster rental is its size. Today, companies offer all sorts of sizes you can rent out. So that the size you select works perfectly, think about the scope of this trash removal project. 

Are there multiple rooms that need cleared of trash? In this case, you would need a pretty big dumpster. Conversely, if you're just throwing several large items away, a smaller dumpster would suffice. If you're not sure what size is optimal, you can always talk with the rental company and see what they would recommend.

Understand Your Obligations

Since you don't own this dumpster and it is being rented, you'll be asked to sign a contract. Before doing so, you need to look over your obligations. Taking this precaution will help you avoid hefty fines later on. 

Start with seeing how long you have this rental dumpster for. Make sure you record when the company is coming back out to pick up the dumpster, so that you'll have it prepared and can avoid late fees. Additionally, find out what items can and can't be thrown away. Some items that are typically forbidden by these companies include coolant, car batteries, paint, and other substances with toxins. 

Prepare a Drop-Off Location

Once you have all of the details worked out with this dumpster rental, it's time to prepare for its arrival. There are several things you'll want to do. First, choose a location where the company can position this dumpster. The driveway often is the best place that's the easiest to access.

Then, make sure there aren't any objects or vehicles around this chosen location. Otherwise, the company won't be able to set down the dumpster where you want it. Before the company arrives, double-check the location to make sure it's clear of everything.

Rental dumpsters are helpful structures for those engaging in large trash removal projects. If you need one for a short period of time, do your best to prepare for this rental in advance. As long as you know what factors to consider, you shouldn't run into substantial rental issues. For more information, visit websites like http://www.waredisposal.com.