How To Make Sure Motorists See You And Your Crew Working On The Side Of The Road

26 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Working on the side of the road is definitely a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. If motorists who are driving in the area are able to see that you and your crew are there, though, they'll be much more likely to be cautious when driving by, which can make a big difference in everyone's safety. These tips will help you make sure that motorists are aware of what is going on when you and your crew are working on the side of the road.

Put Up Plenty of Signage

You probably already know that putting up signs that state that you and your crew are working in the area is important. However, it's important to make sure that you use enough signs, that you use the right signs, and that you post them in the right places. Opt for big, bright orange or otherwise colorful signs that will stand out and that will be easy for drivers to see. Also, don't just put up a few signs in the immediate vicinity of where you and your workers are going to be working. Putting them a mile or two in each direction around you is also important; then, drivers will know to be cautious and will have more time to slow down.

Rent a Crash Truck

A crash truck is very handy when a crew like yours is working on the roadside. For one thing, big crash trucks grab attention, particularly if they are outfitted with their own bright lights. Plus, even if an accident does occur, a crash truck will help protect you and your crew from a car accident, and it will even help prevent damage to the motorist's vehicle.

Put Up Lights

Putting up plenty of big, bright work lights in the area is important, especially if you're going to be working in the dark. Not only will this help make it easier for you and your crew members to see what you are doing, but it will make it easier for drivers to see everyone who is working, too.

Wear the Right Safety Gear

Lastly, make sure that you and each of the crew members who will be working are all wearing the right clothing. Wearing safety vests that are easy to see can help you make sure that motorists are able to see you, such as when you're working very close to the road or when you might be crossing the street.

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