Summer Cookout Patio Design Ideas

22 May 2018
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Nothing says summer like a backyard family cookout. If you're looking to transform your backyard patio into a versatile entertaining space, it's important to think about the space the same way that you would think about a room in your house. Everything from lighting and flooring to décor should work in harmony to create an inviting patio space.

Here are some patio design ideas to discuss with your general building contractor this summer:

Screened or Open?

From a general design standpoint, patios can be categorized as screened or open. Your patio design should begin by deciding which type of patio will work for your needs:

  • Open: These patios lack walls. Because they are open sided, they are free flowing and cost less than walled patios. Open patios are perfect for less elaborate patios. Open patios also aren't as protected from the elements. If you live in a particularly windy or stormy climate, an open patio might not be right for you.
  • Screened: These patios have some type of permanent walls. These walls will make you patio more expensive, but they'll also provide far more protection from the elements. If you plan on installing a television or other electronic equipment in your patio, or you live in area where insects are a nuisance during the summer, you probably want to choose a screened patio.

Fixed or Floating?

Similar to the general design of the patio, the flooring generally falls into two categories as well: fixed or floating. Because your patio's flooring will be exposed to the elements, you must choose a flooring option that's right for your patio and durable enough to survive the elements.

  • Fixed: Fixed flooring is permanently fixed in one spot. These types of floors range from poured concrete to an elevated wood decking. These types of patios work for both open and screened designs. Fixed flooring is more stable, but it can also be more expensive and difficult to complete without the help of an experienced contractor.
  • Floating: Floating flooring is put together in pieces, which makes them cheaper and more customizable. Floating floors range from paving stones to rock slabs and almost anything you can imagine. Floating flooring can be less stable than fixed flooring and may require more upkeep for you.

Designing a patio that works for your family is an easy way to help you get the most out of your backyard this summer. These general design ideas can help.

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