3 Reasons Why A Captive Air Pressurized Tank Is An Excellent Option

1 December 2017
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If you are looking for a pressure tank to use, then you a have a couple different options to look into. One option to consider is a captive air pressurized tank. As the name states, this tank has captive air inside of it that works to pressurize the water. Here are three reasons why a captive pressurized tank is an excellent option. 

Keep Water And Air Separate 

Some of the other kinds of pressure tanks have the water and air in the same container. While this can create effective pressure, it can also cause some issues with waterlogging. When the water to air ratio is too high, this throws off the pressure balance. When this balance is thrown off, the well pump will begin going off more frequently, which negates the entire point of having a pressure tank. In contrast, a captive air pressurized tank separates the water and air, so you don't have to worry about the ratios being thrown off and waterlogging occurring. 

Increase The Life Of The Pump 

The point of any pressure tank is to create enough pressure so that water can come out without the pump needing to turn on every single time. This means that the pump is used much less and thus the life of the pump increases. While all pressure tanks help with this, the captive air pressurized tank is extremely effective. This is because the water to air ratio is so balanced that issues rarely arise with pressure changes that set off the pump. Since purchasing or repairing a pump can get quite expensive, it is important to have a highly functioning pressure tank. 

Higher Drawdown Percentage

Each pressure tank has a certain percent of water that can be used at any given time and this is known as the drawdown. This amount can vary from tank to tank, but most captive air pressurized tanks have a higher drawdown percentage than regular pressurized tanks that mix the water and air. This is possible because the perfect amount of pressurized air is pumped into the tank after installation, so there is a smaller margin of error. This creates the optimal amount of water available for use. 

If you decide to purchase a captive air pressurized tank, it will keep your water and air separate so that waterlogging doesn't occur, it will ensure that your pump doesn't go off unnecessarily, thus increasing its life, and it will have a higher drawdown percentage so that you have more water available at any given time.