Three Tips To Maintaining Peace During Home Renovations

19 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you preparing to take on a big renovation project around your home? If you have neighbors within a close proximity, your project could be the start of a war between neighbors. That neighbor that you've shared a cup of sugar with here and there could soon become the person you dodge when making your way out to get your morning newspaper if you aren't careful about how you accomplish the renovations you have planned. Below, you will find a few tips to help you maintain the peace during your project.

Have a Discussion

Before the first nail is pounded, take a few minutes to talk with your neighbors. Find out what time would be a good time for construction to start and end. Oftentimes, your neighbors won't want the pounding to begin as soon as the sun rises and they won't want it continuing as they sit down at the dinner table. Work with those living nearest to you to find a time that will not interrupt their lives and be sure to talk with them if there is a need to change the construction start time.

Get a Dumpster

Dumpster rentals can help in two ways – they can provide you with a place to throw all of the old materials coming out of your house, as well as a place to store some of the larger materials going in. Everyone will appreciate it if you would keep all of the old materials up off of the ground as you get rid of them. Not only is it unsightly, but heavy rains could wash those materials and the nails mixed in them down into the street and cause problems.

If the completion time for your project is several weeks, consider getting a few fence panels to surround the dumpster. This will make it less unsightly for the duration and make it less likely to irritate those living around you. Talk with a business such as Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc for more ideas on using dumpster rentals. 

Be Considerate of Shared Property Lines

If the project is an exterior one, be sure to take the shared properties into consideration. If dust and debris will be an issue, offer tarps and supplies to cover your neighbor's plants with during the work day. You don't want the construction to damage prize roses or even the smallest petunias and cause an inconvenience for your neighbor.

At the end of the construction day, take a walk around the neighboring properties and make sure that nothing from your home has made its way to their property. It is better that you find and clean up the mess than your neighbor.

Consideration will go a long way in making this project less inconvenient for your neighbors which will make it a more pleasant experience for you.